Last Friday Ed from Verde, the upcoming Baltimore Neapolitan Pizzeria stopped by to check out our line of ovens. We were delighted to have him and make a few pizzas, except our main Pizzaiolo was out of the office for a meeting. One of our sales team members, Gordon stepped up to the plate and made some excellent Neapolitan pies. This may have been Gordon’s 2nd time making pizzas, but he was yielding some excellent results.

Verde, which will be in the Canton neighborhood of Baltimore, is centered around a true wood burning oven. This means that they really will be burning wood, not gas. To show Ed what our ovens can do, we threw a few logs into the oven and heated it up to over 900 degrees fahrenheit. At this high of a temperature, we were turning out Neapolitan pies right around 90 seconds, even without a professional Pizzaiolo. All in all, the demo was a success, and we can’t wait to see a true Neapolitan pizzeria in Baltimore!

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